Healthcare Team

Community Midwives

The midwives are attached to the practice and share the routine maternity care with the doctors. After your doctor has confirmed pregnancy, the midwife will see you in conjunction with your doctor to discuss the type of care required. The care available (depending on individual circumstances) includes home confinements, domino, GP or shared hospital care confinements. Postnatally the midwives visit mother and baby at home in the early days after delivery, before handing over to the health visitors.

Community Nurses

The community nurses offer nursing care for people of all age groups in their home, when necessary. Arrangement for this will usually be made through your GP, but community nurses can be contacted by leaving a message with reception.

Health Visitors

Tel: 0845 155 8045
The health visitors attached to this practice are trained nurses, some of whom are midwives. All health visitors undertake further training in health promotion and are usually associated with visiting families and children under 5 years of age.


Counselling services are provided by the The Zone (01752 – 206626), next to Kularoos on Union St.

Bereavement Advisor

Friary House Surgery has a trial bereavement clinic; Sue Kehoe is offering appointments fortnightly within the surgery for patients who are struggling following a death or trying to manage their feelings whilst living with someone who has a terminal illness. You can self-refer by asking the Health Coordinators to book you an appointment or mention it to your clinician.